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I've been editing and proofreading for more than 25 years, time that has flown by — as it does when one is doing something one enjoys.

I have worked on a broad assortment of books, reports, papers, blogs and magazines. My range extends from textbooks to cookbooks, reports on the internet to teachers' guides, marketing materials for law firms, and academic papers on global governance and international relations. In recent years I have worked on books on Canadian foreign policy, the global governance of climate change and health sovereignty in Africa, as well as reports on labour and development and on non-communicable disease.

From 1998 until September 2017 I was the production manager for the Literary Review of Canada, a 32-page magazine published 10 times a year. This kept me in touch with public policy, social and cultural issues in Canada and beyond.

Over an even longer period, I have been working with Professor John Kirton and serving as the executive director of the G7 and G20 Research Groups and the BRICS Research Group based at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. I have developed an expertise in global summitry, and you can watch a little video of me talking about our G7 and G20 work at an event organized by the Global Governance Project held at the House of Commons in London, England, in July 2018. The GGP is a partnership between these research groups and GT Media, and together we produce special "background publications" for each G7 and G20 summit.

Along with my colleagues and friends Janet MacMillan, Etty Payne, Katherine Trail, Kelly Lamb and Martin Payne, I am a member of Editing Globally, an international collective of editorial professionals.

I'm based in Toronto, Canada, but I travel all over the place. I have been a member of Editors' Canada since I became a freelance editor, sometime around 1990.

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Things I Can Do

It's really quite simple. I love copyediting. I love proofreading, too. I focus on making sure that written text is consistently and clearly written. I imagine that working with a copyeditor is liberating for a writer, who can focus on the content and on thinking the big thoughts, because I will look after the details that will make the finished product easy to read and easy to understand. That usually also involves formatting computer files so to sort out headings and clean up tables.

I have worked with many authors whose first language is not English, especially writers who are more comfortable writing in Russian or Chinese. I can help make translated texts read as though they were written in English to begin with.

I can also do basic layout, using InDesign — although I hasten to point out that I am by no means a graphic designer.

  • What is copyediting?
    • It's editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation; checking that terms are used and spelled consistently; checking for internal consistency of facts; standardizing citations; and so on. I also do basic fact checking.
  • What is proofreading?
    • It's reading text that has been edited and laid out to find incontrovertible errors, to make sure headers and footers are consistent, and also checking that the table of contents has the right headings and page numbers, and other details to make sure the document is as free of errors as possible.

A Few Accomplishments

I have worked on so many different publications! Here is a little selection of the most recent.

G7 Canada: The 2018 Charlevoix Summit

G7 Canada: The 2018 Charlevoix Summit, edited by John Kirton and Madeline Koch

The first publication produced by the Global Governance Project, a joint project of GT Media, based in the United Kingdom, and the G7 and G20 Research Groups based at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at Trinity College in the University of Toronto. This publication was published in time for the G7 Charlevoix Summit on June 8–9, 2018, with articles by host Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the host of the 2018 G20 summit, Argentina's President Mauricio Macri — among many other leaders, heads of international organizations and international authorities. It's freely available here for anyone interested!

The Global Governance of Climate Change

The Global Governance of Climate Change: G7, G20 and UN Leadership, by John Kirton and Ella Kokotsis

Published by Routledge, this is a scholarly work that drew on my knowledge of summits and international relations. Even so, I learned a lot.


Literary Review of Canada

The first issue of 2017, with a typical range of articles, some excellent poetry and eye-catching art. It's available here.

Things Clients and Colleagues Have Said

  • We've been working with the Editing Globally team to meet the proofing needs of a global professional services firm. Their attention to detail, personable and professional approach and prompt communication are second to none. No matter what the document or how tight the deadline, Editing Globally can be trusted to get the job done accurately and swiftly. We'd be lost without them.
    —Gareth Chadwick, managing director, Wordsworks Ltd
  • Editing Globally did a great job editing and producing a complex £1.5 billion DFID framework proposal. We were nervous about selecting an editing team just days before deciding to bid, but we were fortunate to have found such a level-headed and organised editing and production team able to turn around hundreds of pages of detailed technical content with very tight timelines. Having Editing Globally staff based in North America and the UK allowed us to have around-the-clock support, further improving our experience and ultimately leading to a great final product for our client.
    —Jordan Raupp, Manager, UK Division, Chemonics International
  • Without reservation Madeline was always my "go to" editor. Having worked with Madeline for over 15 years, I can testify to her eagerness to embrace changing techniques and new technologies which have kept her consistently industry relevant. Always timely and responsive, she is highly flexible while accommodating the needs of the various editors and authors. Combining a rare balance of tact with a determination to succeed, she is hugely effective in her field.
    — Kirstin Howgate, director, Howgate Publishing Ltd. and former publisher at Ashgate Publishing Ltd.
  • Madeline co-edits our G7 and G20 publications, which entails sourcing articles from the highest echelons of government and the international community. This is a function that she performs with skill and tact. When it comes to working with copy, Madeline is an eagle-eyed editor. She is quick to spot inconsistencies and can simultaneously identify problems with syntax, punctuation, spelling and tone. Above all, Madeline is a pleasure to work with.
    — Jane Douglas, former managing editor, Newsdesk Media
  • I highly recommend Madeline Koch's editing work. She has an impressive level of technical skills but also the capacity to understand and improve the general tone of argumentation. I have trusted her with a number of manuscripts and was very pleased I did.
    — Andrew F. Cooper, Department of Political Science and Balsillie School of International Affairs, University of Waterloo
  • We have been lucky to have our work edited by Madeline Koch. Her extensive experience, professionalism and thoroughness do wonders. Our texts are transformed into readable articles, chapters and manuscripts by Madeline's magic touch. I always admire how deeply Madeline knows the topics she gets to work on and how careful she is not to distort the meaning of the texts and intentions of the author.
    — Marina Larionova, editor-in-chief, International Organisations Research Journal

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